Watch: Cameron Beckman Talks New Putter Bought at DICK’S Ahead of Win


At the DICK’S Sporting Goods Open’s trophy ceremony, Cameron Beckman noted that he’d been struggling with his putter recently so he went to the local Dick’s Sporting Goods and picked up a new flat stick off the shelf.

He then of course went on to win the tournament.

Asked about the story, Beckman said, “I don’t know, I just thought it was an interesting story, right?

“Normally we get putters for free or whatever, but I was putting so poorly last week and I thought, you know, I’m going to go buy a putter, and I went to Dick’s and got one.”

He added, “It’s an Odyssey, just one of the Odysseys. But I really putted nice. It felt great in the shop, but I just took it out and putted with it two days last week when I was struggling with some confidence, and then obviously I played good this week.”

Watch: Cameron Beckman Talks About His New DICK’S Putter Ahead of Win

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