Watch: NBC Recalls Tiger’s Iconic Putt at 2008 U.S. Open


With the 121st U.S. Open only hours away, the USGA celebrated one of its most iconic moments with a video looking back at Tiger Woods’ memorable putt on the 18th hole to send the 2008 Open into overtime.

“Expect anything different?! Where were you when Tiger forced a playoff with Rocco at Torrey Pines?,” wrote the USGA on Instagram. “13 years later, it remains one of the most iconic moments in US Open history.”

In the video produced by the USGA, we hear from NBC’s Dan Hicks (who made the original call), Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, USGA’s Mike Davis, and NBC’s Gary Koch.

“Well the scene is set again for Tiger Woods in a major championship,” Johnny Miller’s voice from the original color commentary is heard over b-roll video.

“He’s gonna make this. Everybody in the gallery watching thinks the same thing I’m thinking. We expect it to happen. But let’s just see if it happens,” says Dan Hicks, looking back on the moment.

“The putt on the last had no reason to go in the hole.” -Rory

“On poa annua greens, when the ball’s running at any pace and it catches the edge… that ball could’ve easily spun out.” -Rose

“The ball just caught the edge of the hole and it went in.” -Rory

“You just knew it was gonna happen. He knew it was gonna happen.” -Davis

“Expect anything different!?” Hicks voice is heard from the original call.

“The roar from the crowd when it went in shook my tower about 500 almost 600 yards away. I mean that’s how loud it was as we’ve come come to expect from Tiger accomplishments through the years.” -Koch\


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