Caddies Drop Lawsuit as PGA Tour Offers To Increase Healthcare Stipend


After a four-year legal battle, a group of caddies have dropped their lawsuit against the PGA Tour, as a deal has been reached that will increase their stipend for healthcare.

Initially filed in 2015, the caddies lost both a class-action lawsuit and its appeal. Under the counsel of the Association of Professional Tour Caddies (APTC), which was not not involved in the lawsuit, negotiations began with new Tour commissioner Jay Monahan in an attempt to resolve at least the health insurance issue.

“New commissioner Jay Monahan brought a breath of fresh air and trust that wasn’t there between the caddies and the PGA Tour in the past,” Scott Sajtinac, APTC president, told ESPN’s Michael Collins, himself a former Tour caddie.

According to Collins, the PGA Tour has not provided details of the deal reached with the caddies, but the ESPN golf analyst reports that a “significant increase” in the stipend given for health insurance will be forthcoming, starting next year.

Credit: ESPN Michael Collins, USA Today


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