Fans, Players Rip PGA Tour For Jon Rahm COVID-19 Debacle

Jon Rahm COVID-19
Jon Rahm adjusts his hat on the 16th tee box during the third round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club on June 5, 2021 in Dublin, Ohio. (Photo by Ben Jared PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

The PGA Tour looked absolutely horrible by removing Jon Rahm, who was leading by six shots after 54 holes due to an asymptomatic positive COVID test.

Andy Levinson, the PGA Tour’s VP of Operations would not even allow Rahm to take another sample test due to “CDC protocol.” (The same CDC that’s been wrong on everything, basically.)

“The CDC’s protocol regarding people who are confirmed positive for COVID-19 is clear, and that is 10 days of isolation unless someone is asymptomatic (which Rahm is) and is able to produce two negative tests of a minimum of 24 hours apart,” said Levinson, in a cold corporate-speak.

“Unfortunately, the timing would not allow Jon to continue to participate.”

Fans on social media were livid, as were players.

Kevin Na posted to Instagram and said, “No! he should be allowed to play solo tmrw. Guy’s got a six shot lead. smh”

Dylan Frittelli said, “Whhhyyy?! 😢 nooooo this isn’t fair.”

Sam Saunders noted: “So anyone in the field who has been around him, including the guys he played with today should be forced to WD as well.. let him play.”

Some takes from the fans:
Ponce: “Every player in the field should WD in solidarity with John Rahm! He was going to walk away with this huge win!”

Tim: “Shame on PGA cancel the tournament and declare him the winner.”

Golfer: “I know one thing. I will NOT be watching the PGA tour tomorrow.”

Gabshire: “The field needs to boycott this tournament for how terrible the PGA handled this situation. Golf is supposed to be a gentlemen’s game and, be handled as such from the top to the bottom and the top failed miserably today.”

The PGA Tour came under such overwhelming criticism that they basically forced Rahm to make a hostage statement.



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