Golf’s GOATs, Jack and Tiger, Salute Phil After His Big Win at the PGA


Golf’s two GOATs, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods congratulates Phil Mickelson on his historic win at the 2021 PGA Championship.

Nicklaus’ was a bit more personal, uploading a video, and even joked that Phil didn’t make any “dumb mistakes.”

“Hey Phil. Jack here. Fantastic golf this week in Kiawah,” said Nicklaus, via video.

“You played great. You didn’t make any dumb mistakes. You know the whole key to winning a major championship: you played the golf course – as dangerous as it is – you played it very, very well. My congratulations to you.

“And you know – something that strikes me. 50 years old is older than 46.

“Well done my friend. Nice going. Many more. Good luck.”

Tiger, meanwhile, used only 14 words and sent it via social media. But he added seven exclamation points. The words were very meaningful.

“Truly inspirational to see @PhilMickelson do it again at 50 years of age. Congrats!!!!!!!,” wrote Woods.


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