LIV Golf Players Slam Davis Love III: “A Clown in Clown Shoes”

Davis Love III Ralph Lauren
Davis Love III was Ralph Lauren's golf ambassador for the 2021 Ryder Cup. (RL Facebook SG)

Davis Love III is being called the epitome of “the tour mafia” who have ruled over the pro golf circuits for far too long.

Love, who seems to have a monopoly on the U.S. captainship of team events (Ryder and or Presidents), recently suggested a PGA Tour player boycott if courts ruled in favor of LIV Golf and allowed players the freedom to tee it up on both circuits.

“If LIV guys sue and are allowed to play on the PGA Tour, the players are enough fed up with it,” said Love, who owns one major. “We understand that we make the rules on the PGA Tour, and the commissioners enforcing our rules, we don’t want those guys playing and coming and cherry picking our tournaments.

“We [PGA Tour players] hold all the cards, not Jay (Monahan), not Seth Waugh, or Mike Whan, they don’t hold all the cards. We hold all the cards.

“If we say no, we support the rules, we don’t want those guys playing. We don’t care what the courts say. Our only really – the nuclear – option is to say fine, if they have to play in our events, we just won’t play.”

Three LIV Golf players, who are my regular sources, immediately responded to a text question.

Here are their text responses:

JS: Thoughts on Davis Love statement? (story link included)

Player 1: “he’s a clown in clown shoes… most overhyped player in history. 1 major with a multi major ego… he can pound sand!”

Player 2: “lol. dude should be on sr tour not taking spot on reg tour. he’s what 60? (Love is 58)… everything wrong with tour is this dude. total insider. way overrated.”

Player 3: “Not much. Somewhat surprised. Helps with lawsuit though. I mean those are the words of a mob boss, no?… Or the tour mafia.”


  1. PGA Tour players cannot afford to boycott. That is silly and sponsors will not respond well to players not on TV. 


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