Low Class: Max Homa Trolls Henrik Stenson’s Heartfelt Message

Henrik Stenson Max Homa
Henrik Stenson is a major champion. Max Homa is a major tool. (PGW)

Max Homa, a journeyman tour pro, showed himself to be a major league clown today with a tweet meant to please golf twitter’s smugset.

Henrik Stenson released a heartfelt statement on social media, explaining his decision to join the LIV Golf league.

In the statement the Swede thanked the Ryder Cup, despite their own cold-hearted press release and promised to “support multiple tours in every way” possible.

Homa, fresh off a missed cut at the 2022 British Open, trolled the 2016 Open champion’s earnest note with a meme that basically says, “I don’t give a shit and can’t be bothered,” according to Know Your Meme.

Stay classy, Max!


  1. Thought I liked Homa. What an absolute lowlife pos. Not unexpected given his whole Schtick is to tap dance for the leftwing media.
  2. Home’s got balls to troll a legend like the ice man. This clown has never even sniffed a Ryder cup with that honker of his, or posted even a top 10 in a major. Pretty sure he missed the cut at St Andrews last week. Yet he’s mocking Stenson? We live in a world where Homa thinks twitter is reality as he’s celebrated for this “epic” tweet.

    Fyi: Homa is rumored to be a (redacted) and his wife is a real (redacted). But I ain’t got time fo the details.


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