Offering No Evidence, Rick Reilly Claims Trump Cheats at Golf

Rick Reilly was once a pretty good read back in the day. I say back in the day, meaning about 25 years ago. In the age of Twitter, Reilly’s become something of a running joke.

He is the buffoonish uncle who tells the worst jokes at the most inopportune time.

Canned by ESPN for being an embarrassing bore, who basically plagiarized himself for 7-8 years, Reilly now writes for a website called the Athletic. Other than family, there’s not a sane person who wakes up and cares what he has to say on a single subject. He’s simply irrelevant.

So what’s a has-been sports scribe supposed to do to get back in the club? Duh! Get woke, and write a book on how President Trump cheats at golf!

Introducing Reilly’s Commander in Cheat – a poorly-written book stuffed with innuendo and hearsay, featuring a cadre of Trump-hating hackers like Samuel L. Jackson, who – with no proof or evidence – tell tales about the president’s golfing habits.

It’s pathetic. Just like Reilly.

Find it on Amazon. 😉


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