Sad, Pathetic Rick Reilly Begs Trump For a Twitter Mention

Rick Reilly is a former writer for SI and ESPN. These days he blogs and tweets.

Rick Reilly is a sad, pitiful little man who’s spent the past few months on Twitter begging President Donald Trump to mention him in order to promote his stupid book. (It’s not the first time Reilly begged someone to mention his Twitter account.)

The mental midget was in fact so confident that Trump would mention him in a tweet that he posted some goofy odds (fourth from top).

Here’s a round-up of the most pathetic tweets from the 60-something year old degenerate:

(Note: The most recent tweets are at top, and you can see the desperation bleed in for the old dip-wad, from playful teases to full-blown derangement. As if POTUS would play a round of golf with this goon-bag.)




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