With a record-setting putting performance last Sunday at Caves Valley Golf Club, Patrick Cantlay mounted a comeback for the ages to edge Bryson DeChambeau on the sixth sudden-death playoff to claim victory at the BMW Championship.

During the thrilling overtime, Cantlay was dubbed “Patty Ice” by a handful of fans. It’s a takeoff on ‘Matty Ice,’ the nickname of Matt Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons QB.

Coincidently (or not), because the tour is in Atlanta for its playoff finale, Cantlay was presented with a No. 2 Falcons jersey which included his new moniker on the back.

“I think it’s great. I think I heard it all week last week and it was kind of the first time I had heard it ever, and I think it suits me – I think,” said Cantlay.

“It rings a little true of my personality, and I think a moniker that really rings – that just has a partial bit of truth but maybe a larger exaggeration, or a larger – I don’t know what the right word is – but it tries to say almost too much but yet it just rings a little true.

“I think that’s where we’re at with that and I think it’s great. If people want to do it, and people want to call me that, they’re more than welcome to call me that.

“The most outlandish nickname I’ve ever gotten before is PC. And so, yeah, I think it’s great.”

Patty Ice Talks New Nickname

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