Quotable: Rory, Day, JT, Spieth at Travelers on Friday

Jordan Spieth lines up a putt during round two of the 2018 Travelers Championship. Credit: Getty Images/Stan Badz

Highlighting four questions and answers from some of the marquee players at the Travelers Championship after day two, where Brian Harman leads at 10-under par.

Players in this edition include Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth.


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Sometimes a guy cards a 69 and breathes a sigh of relief, other times it could feel like he left a couple out there. What is your description today?

McILROY: Yeah, I feel like I left a few out there. I didn’t hit the ball as good as I did yesterday. Still hit it okay, but I hit — I felt like I had a lot of good putts that just didn’t go in.

I started them online, did everything I needed to do, and it’s just one of those days where they were sliding by the edges.

You know, I think over the weekend, if I just keep giving myself chances, hit a few more fairways over the weekend than I did today, and if I can keep doing that and keep giving myself chances, hopefully I’ll be able to move.

(-7, T8)


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How would you assess your swing now compared to earlier in the year? Are you feeling pretty good about it?

DAY: I’ve gone through three sets of irons, unfortunately. It’s not the swing, and it’s not even — I guess the blade — long story short.

The CG in the blade is two millimeters closer to the heel, so it really turns over very easily. I like the blade that I actually jumped into right before Augusta. I didn’t see any of this, which was nice. But unfortunately, it just wanted to go left.

When you start fighting it left, it bleeds into your driving, and that’s not what I really wanted, so I changed back to these irons and driving a little bit which was nice.

Give myself some time and practice with these, trying to see it starting to left to right. I think it will start to soften out that ball flight. I’ll be able to hit that soft one when I need to.

So it’s more so just trying to get back to how I was playing beforehand, because I won with the old set 750s at Torrey, then I won with the blades at Wells Fargo, and now I’ve got a whole new set in the bag. So fingers crossed, I’ll get another win this week.

(-6, T11)


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When you’re playing in a group like that with other major champions and the galleries are following you guys, do you feed off each other? Does it help? Does it matter to you at all who you’re playing with?

THOMAS: Yeah, it definitely helps. It’s fun playing with good friends. You definitely get more momentum when guys are playing well.

I obviously couldn’t get a whole lot of momentum out there. I was kind of hovering around 1- or 2-under. But pretty much just Bubba today.

Rory didn’t play great either, and both of us definitely could have had a lot lower round. But it definitely helps on days like today when you’re playing with someone else.

(-5, T17)


Jordan Spieth lines up a putt during round two of the 2018 Travelers Championship. Credit: Getty Images/Stan Badz

Jordan, just one hiccup, but you rebounded strong from that. Just some comes on the round and day today?

SPIETH: Yeah, I actually felt like I had better control of my golf swing than I did yesterday. I really struggled with my swing yesterday and I kind of got some good breaks.

Didn’t feel as good as it looked yesterday, and today it felt better than it looked.

It’s just golf. It’s kind of like yesterday I got three or four shots extra out of the round, and today I lost three or four based on how I felt.

So still feel like I actually made progress from yesterday to today where I wanted to, which was throughout the swing. It just kind of was a different feel, so it’s not quite engrained yet, but it should be a really good weekend.

(-4, T25)


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