Srixon Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE Has Two New Color Offerings

SRIXON launches two new color offerings to the popular Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE line. (Courtesy Srixon)

SRIXON has announced two new color offerings to its popular Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE line: Yellow/Blue and Yellow/Orange.

Golfers looking to add distance, maximum greenside spin, and clear visual feedback have raved about the performance of the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE.

“We were extremely excited to launch the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE (Yellow/Red) back in April, and the feedback since inception has exceeded all expectations,” said Brian Schielke, General Manager of Srixon North America.

“By adding these two new color offerings, we’re expanding the reach of this popular golf ball.

“Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE is really a golf ball that everyone must try for themselves.”

Key Technologies
  • 50/50 Matte Urethane Cover: Each DIVIDE cover is yellow on one half and red, blue, or orange on the other. (This high contrast matte cover makes spin visible and putting alignment easy. Plus, it’s cast from soft urethane for tour-level spin and stopping power.)
  • 360° Alignment Line: The longer your alignment line, the easier it can be to line up your putts. And with DIVIDE’s one-of-a-kind seam line running around the entire golf ball, you get 360 degrees of alignment so you can putt with perfect aim.
  • FastLayer Core: The new FastLayer Core offers distance and soft feel without compromise due to a gradual transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge.
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern: Providing a penetrating ball flight in any conditions, the optimal dimple design increases lift and reduces drag to maximize distance.

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