Tiger Woods Mocks His Ridiculously Ugly World Ranking


Many people have made a big deal out of Tiger Woods dropping in the world rankings, from #1 in 2013 to his current standing of 898th.

According to a numbers cruncher on Twitter (h/t Golf Digest), even with a dead last finish this weekend, Tiger will move up about 150 spots in the rankings.

And with a win, the former world #1 could move inside the Top 125.

Apparently Tiger is not thrilled with all the talk of his lowly ranking, and mocks it with some lighthearted snark during an interview with the Golf Channel’s Damon Hack.

“Ya know. One of my biggest goals (for 2017) I think is to try to get into the top-1,000 in the world rankings,” Woods tells Hack.

Tiger was a little more determined, and serious, when asked what his goal was for this weekend during his press conference.

“I’m going to try to do the same thing I always do if I’m entering an event – I’m going to try and win this thing,” said a confident-sounding Woods.


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