Tiger’s Son Charlie Woods Has One Sweet Swing, Finishes T-2 at U.S. Kids

Charlie Woods, son of Tiger, even at 4 years-old (now 7) had a better swing than most of us. Credit: Youtube

Why was Tiger absent for Thursday’s first round at Quicken Loans?

Well, he had a tee time to make. His 7-year-old son, Charlie Woods, was competing in U.S. Kids Golf South Florida Tour at Mayacoo Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, FL.


There are 7 tournaments that Charlie will probably compete in this summer and he had a great opening (55) which was good for a T2, earning him 17.50 points.

Here’s Charlie’s scorecard. (Credit: Golf Digest)

If you haven’t seen Charlie’s swing, it’s a sight to see. He was a natural even at the age of 4.

From TW to CW?

The future of Nike Golf looks like it’s in good hands with Charlie Woods on the rise.  We could be seeing CW memorabilia hitting the shelves in the coming years.


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