Titleist Unveils Its New ($500-per) Luxury Model Irons

Titleist unveiled its much-awaited, high-end CNCPT irons.

Titleist unveiled its much-awaited, high-end CNCPT irons on Thursday (April 4, 2019).

The new CNCPT CP-01 and CP-02 irons are said to feature the “thinnest unsupported, constant-thickness face in golf,” designed using a “rare, super strong alloy never before used in club manufacturing.”

Titleist claims that its Super Metal L-Face insert will produce ball speeds “previously unforeseen off the face of an iron.”

This never-before-seen speed is made possible by the way of an “extraordinary amount of high-density tungsten,” which reportedly makes up nearly 50 percent of the total head weight (in the lower lofts), producing “higher launch, greater distance and the most generous impact possible.”

“CNCPT is an idea, a promise. It’s our answer to ‘What if?’” said Kelley Moser Jr., Brand Manager, CNCPT Clubs.

“What if our R&D engineers could bring their dreams to reality, using materials and processes never before used in golf?

“We promise to provide them all the resources they need, so that CNCPT will always deliver the ‘wow.’”

The “wow” factor will also the price, as they will fetch about $500 per club.


Speed for the player seeking forgiveness.

CP01 irons. Credit: Titleist


Speed for the player looking for feel.

CP02 irons. Credit: Titleist


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