US Open Leftovers: Video of John Daly Hitting a Ball Out of a Man’s Mouth

John Daly being John Daly. Credit: Twitter

If  you were glued to the TV the past week watching the U.S. Open unfold, you may have missed John Daly doing John Daly things; once again driving a golf ball out of someone’s mouth as they lay on the ground. 

Not sure what’s more impressive from this video: the fact that Daly hits a ball out of another man’s mouth, or that it appears to be performed on a front lawn with a busy street and parking lot nearby. I think we deserve to see where the ball went.

And this isn’t the first time John Daly has done this.

Also done, NOT on a golf course and with many cars around.

Daly did take a break from smashing golf balls out of people’s mouths to watch the bizarre rules controversy transpire during Sunday’s final round of the 2016 U.S. Open. He threw his hat in the Twitter ring with the rest of the tour players in support of DJ.


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