Watch Sean Payton Make “Crazy” Good Up-and-Down From Grandstands at Zurich Classic


Playing in the Zurich Classic Pro-Am, New Orleans football coach Sean Payton hit a wayward approach shot on a “press hole,” and had his ball land on some sort of patio area in the stands at TPC Louisana.

The longtime Saints coach, though, made a nice chip from a tight lie, and pulled off a superb par (net-birdie) on what he called a “big hole in the money game.”

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Zurich Classic
Saints Coach Sean Payton hits his shot from patio grandstand area at TPC Louisiana during the pro-am of the Zurich Classic. (Credit: PGA Tour)

“So it was a press hole. I was an important hole in the game. Stroke hole for me,” said Payton.

“The ruling was you play it down in the tent. It’s a hard surface.

“I’m not too good off a tight lie. I felt pretty good about both practice swings. I was worried about it hitting that little rail and coming back and knocking my teeth out.

“Look I thumped it good. The key was having a chance to make the putt. It’s kind of as crazy of a par that I’ve ever made.”

When asked what he did to focus on the putt, he said, “Just breathe.

“Look it was a big hole in the money game too so that made it better.”

Watch Sean Payton’s Money Shot at the Zurich Classic

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