10 Things To Know About Bubba’s New Pink Golf Ball

Credit: Volvik Golf

Bubba Watson made news the other day when it was reported that he’ll be playing a new pink golf ball in Hawaii at the Tournament of Champions.

Here are 10 things to know about this news story.

1. Volvik S4 Pink

Bubba reportedly tested out the S3 model but will play a pink (and white) Volvik S4 golf ball this weekend in Hawaii.


2. Two Tone Ball

Bubba is thinking about introducing a two-tone colored golf ball down the road.

3. LPGA Tour

Several LPGA players have been using colored golf balls for years, including Paula Creamer who introduced a Pink Precept in the mid 2000s. Bubba will be the first big-name PGA Tour player to play a pink golf ball.


4. Craig Stadler

The Walrus turned Bubba on to the colored golf ball craze during last year’s Masters Dinner at Augusta, advising him to look them up.

5. Long Drive Championship

Bubba said he became really intrigued after watching the World Long Drive Championship where the finalists used orange and pink Volvik golf balls.

6. Google

Bubba actually Googled and contacted the company after watching the long drive event.


7. Marketing Buzz

Bubba recently signed a multi-year deal with the South Korean golf ball maker so this may have more to do with branding and marketing than anything else (see below).

8. USGA Problems

Bubba would like to play a different colored golf ball on each hole but that would be a problem with USGA rules where one ball must be played for the entire round unless lost.


9. Grow The Game

Bubba thinks playing colored golf balls will help grow the game somehow – by being more creative, fun and interesting. Plus it’s sure to get plenty of social media buzz.

10. Green Masters Ball

Reports of Bubba playing a green ball at Augusta may not be accurate. According to Bubba the two offered are not Masters green – one is lime, the other neon.


Credits/Sources: Getty Images, Volvik Golf Communications, Associated Press, WEEI Boston, LPGA Tour, Trump Golf


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