4 Questions: List, JT, Tiger, Fleetwood at the Honda (Day 3)

Justin Thomas

A look at some of the quotes from the top players after the third round of the Honda Classic at PGA National, where Luke List leads Justin Thomas and Webb Simpson by one shot.

Players highlighted include List, Justin Thomas, Tommy Fleetwood, and Tiger Woods.


Ted Potter, Junior came in as an underdog as Pebble Beach and ended up being a great story. How much of an inspiration is he to guys?

LIST: Yeah, it’s a great story. He fought back from injury which is always hard to do. He had already won on TOUR before, so I think he had that to draw back on. But you know, you guys build up certain players.

Tomorrow I know I’ll an underdog going against Justin Thomas and guys like that, which is fine. It’s kind of nice having Tiger in the field now because he takes all the attention off everybody else.

So you can just kind of go out and do your own thing.

The first nine holes today, we had some fans out there but it really felt like everybody was watching Tiger Woods and it was pretty cool. I’m glad to have him back for sure.

1 (-7, 71-66-66)


What is your attitude when you hit a poor shot or have a poor hole? And how has that attitude changed after last year?

THOMAS: You just have to get over it. I mean, I’m never going to be one that, you know, say like a Matt Kuchar where he just, you know, golly gee and smiling and walking up to the green. That’s not my personality.

I’m not promoting, you know, getting angry or slamming clubs or throwing clubs or whatever. That’s not good for the game. That’s not a good look. It’s not a good look of a role model but for me I have my ways of getting it out.

I say some things to Jimmy that probably don’t need be repeated or heard by anybody, but I get it out and it’s done with when necessary.

There’s other days where I’m fine. I’ve been pretty patient and good this week but like any of us, we wake up days and we’re just cranky and there’s days where he probably doesn’t like being around me much, but he’s stuck with me. Unless he wants to find something else to do.

It’s more about being patient and understanding that bad shots are going to happen, and that there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it now but just try to make it up.

T2 (-6, 67-72-65)


Playing predominately in Europe, what are the adjustments playing in the U.S. on a golf course like this that you typically wouldn’t see in Europe?

FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it’s a slightly different test to what we generally get. There’s more emphasis, I’d say, on hitting the fairways and around the greens.

The greens are just a bit firmer and slopier than we play sometimes, and bermudagrass we don’t get a lot. They are slight changes but you kind of have to put the work in and get used to it.

I played a bit last year and I’m getting used to it, and I’m always working, when I came out here, the first thing I noticed wasn’t I that great in the grass around the greens.

I just had to get sharper and even last week I struggled and gave a few shots away. That’s always something that I’m working on.

I’m enjoying being out here. I love coming to work every day at these tournaments, and crowds are great. Crowds are getting behind me, which is really nice. We’re having a good time.

T4 (-5, 70-68-67)


How would you describe your sort of emotions now going into tomorrow? Are you excited? Optimistic?

WOODS: I feel very good. I’m excited about — as of right now, I’m six back but we’ll see where it is at the end of the day. But either case, I’ve got a shot going into tomorrow.

My job is to go out and post a number. I’ll be far enough ahead, as I said earlier, that these guys will still have three or four holes to go when I’m done and hopefully I’ll be hopefully my number will be good enough.

T11 (E, 70-71-69)

Credits: ASAP Sports, Getty Images


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