Bernhard Langer Facing Criticism Over Putting Form


For a guy who now has nine Champions Tour major victories, Bernhard Langer cannot seem to catch a break lately.

Earlier this week, Gary Player questioned the validity of Langer’s Champions Tour record for career majors, believing that he and Langer should be co-record holders.

The remarks came in the midst of championship #9, which occurred this past weekend at the Senior PGA Championship.

Now, according to Hank Haney, there have been questions by fellow Tour members about how legal Langer’s putting stroke is.


  • Haney, known best for being Tiger Woods’ former swing coach, brought up the issue of Langer’s putting in a video he posted to Twitter (see below).
  • The implication is that Haney believes Langer’s putting stroke may violate the Tour’s rules against anchoring.
  • According to Haney, “Lots of Champions Tour players” are concerned about it.
  • The video shows Langer possibly anchoring his left wrist to his shirt and chest. Putting in a way that prevents the club from swinging freely is illegal on Tour.
  • The issue of Langer’s putting has come up before. In February 2016, Golf World reported that Champions Tour officials and players were concerned that his motion might be illegal.

The Tweet


“I am aware of my left arm and hand, and my hand is definitely not touching my body. I anchor when I address and then move my hand away from the chest, till it is not touching anymore.”
Bernhard Langer, in a 2016 text message to Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte



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