How Bubba Watson Got the Nickname ‘Bubba’

Bubba Watson seems to have patented a green side trick shot. Credit: USA Today

Bubba Watson asks, and answers, the tough questions in this new video from Golf Digest.

It starts with Watson saying to the viewers, “Today is your lucky day. It’s the Bubba Questionaire.” Bubba interviewing Bubba sounds like bad luck to me.

The one-man show goes on for 3-minutes of uncomfortable¬†question and answer time but right out of the gate Watson asks himself where the nickname “Bubba” came from.

“As soon as I was born, my mom said I was ugly, and chubby, and my dad agreed. Bubba Smith was a football player at the time, and so I got the name Bubba a couple minutes after I was born.”

His real name is Gerry Lester Watson Jr. so I think his parents made the right move.

After that, the questions go off the rails, but overall an entertaining 3-minutes with the strangest man on the PGA Tour.



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