Sad Gary Player Gets In On #SB2K17 With Viral Tweet


Gary Player got in on the #SB2K17 fun with what has to be one of the best golf tweets of all-time.

The 81-year-old fitness fanatic posted a photo to Twitter showing the living legend all alone on the beach with the caption: “When you’re disappointed not to be invited to #SB2K17.. all alone on the beach?.”

Player, winner of all four major championships, even used a sad emoji, while tagging the foursome of @JordanSpieth @RickieFowler @SmylieKaufman10 and @JustinThomas34.

Such a based legend.

Obviously the tweet went viral. In just a few hours it had over 4,000 likes, and is now over 7K (and counting).

Here’s a round up of a few responses.

Credit: Gary Player Twitter


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