Steph Curry’s Tour Exemption Gets Criticized


Stephen Curry has become one of the biggest superstar athletes in the world. The 29-year-old point guard is now a two-time NBA Champion, in addition to being a two-time NBA league MVP (2015, 2016).

Not only is he among the best in the world at basketball, he somehow found time to become a tremendously good golfer, carrying a 2.2 handicap.

On Wednesday, Curry’s golfing prowess became known to the world, as he accepted a special sponsor’s exemption to an August Tour event, the Ellie Mae Classic. The decision was lauded by most, as it brings eyes to a tour that would definitely benefit from more attention.

However, not everyone is happy about it. Lee McCoy, a former amateur golf star who now is attempting to make it on the MacKenzie Tour, took to Twitter and criticized the move, implying that it is just a publicity stunt and that others are more deserving of the spot.


  • While most were thrilled with the news, the move met criticism from Lee McCoy, a 23-year-old who finished T4 at the 2016 Valspar Championship as an amateur, the highest tournament finish by an amateur in over a decade. McCoy tweeted that “So many great players could use that chance”. He then finished the tweet with the word “Sad.”
  • McCoy went on to say that the main players he had in mind with the tweet are the “Monday qualifiers spending their last dollars that would wax him.”
  • McCoy, who recently started playing on the MacKenzie Tour, has a win and a T9 in June.
  • McCoy somewhat reversed course later on (after a phone call from Ponte Vedra area code?), that was a little more supportive of the sponsor’s decision. He said that he was thinking of a friend who is close to having status on the Tour, and would be happy to have the spot.

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