Tiger Swinging Air Gets Captioned


As you know, Tiger Woods made his much-anticipated return to the PGA Tour – teeing it up at Torrey Pines in the Farmers Insurance Open.

Well, Tiger’s performance didn’t pan out as many had hoped (especially his sponsors). The 14-time major champ shot rounds of 76 (+4) and 72 (E) and missed the cut by 4-strokes.

So what are golf fans to do without Tiger around for the weekend? Well, they pass around memes of the one-time/long-time world number one.

This shot of Tiger Woods practicing with no club was sort of tee’d up for a caption contest, so it got lots of feed-time on the social channels this weekend.

Hey, That’s Me…!

Many commenters noted that it looks like something every Joe Blow does at home – even their dads.

  • “This gives me instant validation for all the times I’ve done this” 
  • “I literally do this everywhere I go”
  • “Lol all the time… at the weirdest places”
  • “That’s us”
  • “Our dads?”
  • “El Papa haha”

The Snarky

Others were a bit more biting and snarky with their comments…

  • “The club here is a lot like his game. Non existent.” 
  • “Plenty of practice time now after missing the cut. Haha.”
  • “He’s practicing the no club swing to get ready for his weekend at home.”

The Winners

This one takes a shot at Nike…

  • “Swinging all the Nike golf clubs left in his bag.”

And the best one…

  • “When your club goes flying in the through swing but you stay cool and hope no one will notice.”


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