Watch (Drool): Titleist Launches T-Series Irons With Social Media Blitz


The New Titleist T100, T100•S, T200, and U•505 irons are being launched this week in Cromwell, Conn. at the Travelers Championship. This phase begins their “tour validation process” with Titleist ambassadors testing the new sticks and providing feedback as part of the development process.

Titleist wrote: “Stay tuned to see some first impressions and more updates throughout the week.”

Those “first impressions” were posted by Titleist’s social marketing team to kick off the promotion of the all-new T-Series irons.

And they visual imagery was slick and stunning.

  1. The first was a four-image slideshow that highlight the shiny new clubs that’ll make golf gear nerds absolutely drool.
  2. The second post (below) was a quick-hit video clip with J.J. Van Wezenbeeck, Director of Promotion, explaining the launch process, alongside some b-roll video of Titleist’s biggest stars (its plant workers).
  3. And the third post was a seven-image slideshow with “those first looks… And those first swings.”

Photos: Titleist T-Series First Looks

Four (4) images. Swipe to navigate.

Watch: Titleist T-Series Launch Explainer

Photos: Titleist T-Series’ First Swings

Seven (7) images. Swipe to navigate.


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