14-Club Challenge: Luiten vs Southgate

Joost Luiten (L) and Matt Southgate play the European Tour's 14-club Challenge ahead of the Betfred British Masters. Youtube Screengrab

Ahead of the Betfred British Masters, Joost Luiten took on Matthew Southgate in the European Tour’s popular 14 Club Challenge.

Playing the 138-yard 10th hole at Hillside Golf Club, the idea for Tour pros attempt to score the most points by hitting the green.

The rules are fairly simple: One hole, two players, 14 clubs (once a club is used by one player it’s no longer available to the other player). Players are awarded one point if the ball lands (and stays) on the green.

For example, Luiten uses a 9-iron with his first shot, which means Southgate can’t use a 9-iron, and so hits a wedge. Luiten is next, and with wedge and 9-iron gone, he chooses an 8-iron, and so on.


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