Brodie Smith Juggles Golf Ball While Riding Wakeboard

Brodie Smith juggles a golf ball on a wakeboard. Credit: Brodie Smith Instagram

Brodie Smith is known more for his frisbee tricks on youtube, and social media. But lately he’s been incorporating a little golf into his trick shot repertoire.

First it started with a little disc golf last year. Then this spring he joined the Bryan Bros. for some wild golf trick shots.

Apparently he got some good lessons from the Bryan Bros., because this past weekend the frisbee trickster put on a solo golf show.

And it was pretty incredible.

While being pulled on a wakeboard, Smith is thrown a golf ball by a girl on the back of the boat. The youtube star then juggles the ball on the clubhead’s face 14 times, finally hitting it back to her – and then taking a self-congratulatory dunk.

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