Bryan Bros Rental Car Breaks Down So They Do the Logical Thing and Make Their Caddies Race

Bryan Bros via Twitter

On their drive to the LECOM Health Challenge Wesley and George Bryan had some car issues so to pass the time they had their caddies have a foot race for money.

The caddie race appears to be up the off-ramp of the interstate with the finish line set at the stop sign. The purse for the winner was a whopping $5 but we can’t even see the stop sign in the video so the distance is not known but it looks to be quite far (Wesley estimates it to be a half mile).

The Bryan Bros are always up for a challenge, trying wild trick shots to the enjoyment of many, but on this occasion they decided to watch others perform for them.

An hour later there was an offer for help…from the tournament they were scheduled to play in!

The Bryan Bros did end up making it to their destination and in time for their Round 1 tee time at the LECOM Health Challenge. No harm, no foul.


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