Christina Kim, ‘Beef’ Johnston Discuss “Monkey Feet” Tan Lines


Christina Kim and Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston are two of the better pro golf-related follows on Twitter. Both engage with the fans, and have a great sense of humor.

So it was double the fun to follow the two of the them going back and forth, discussing the ever-important subject of golf tan lines.

Kim, who is in Taipei for the Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship, started it off by tweeting a video of herself with a text overlay of “I feel like a newborn calf. How do these things even work?”

‘Beef’, who is a newly minted member of the PGA Tour, noticed the color contrast between Kim’s feet and legs (the dreaded pro golfer’s tan).

And off they went.

Kim closed it out “for the win,” by referring to her look as “monkey feet.”

Others call it the sock tan.


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